Just got rid of my folders for my other top two colleges…

I’m so very happy to be going to the University of Delaware for free, but I never want to forget that I could have gone to Lees-McRae. I got into the Musical Theatre program without even completing a formal audition for it. They loved me there. I could have done it. I just dont want to struggle to make ends meet because I’m waiting tables while I wait for my big break. I don’t want to begin my adult life with huge amounts of debt if I can help it (which I can). (I’m keeping the email telling me I got into the BFA program forever though.)

People who went to high school with me probably just think I’m chicken. Maybe I am a little bit, but happiness is not just in my career. I want to have as few worries as possible…and if it means I have to take my “retirement” career as my first career, so be it. I’ve always been good at school. I guess that explains why I’d be perfectly happy returning to it to teach others to love my favorite thing.

And to those people who think that they’re better than me because they’re going to school for Musical Theatre (or think they’re going to transfer into a 12 person program)…I could have. I would rather be content for my whole life with a husband and kids in my hometown than risk epic failure. That’s just me. (Also, you’re crazy, parathesis person. It’s your own fault that you didn’t even attempt to get in the first time.)


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