Delayed Teen Angst…

I really wish that my family didn’t stalk all of my social media. It pisses me off that I can’t have one solitary social media outlet where I can talk to my FRIENDS and not them. And this doesn’t even count because in order to get my friends to follow me on here, I’d have to advertise on another social media which means that my family would find it too.

Like right now. Stop stalking my tumblr. I’m changing my URL. I don’t forget about the time I posted about you and heard your passive aggressive murmur from upstairs. Obviously if I’m complaining about you, it is not meant for your eyes, so stop looking at it. No asked for your opinion.

I really am just so over my family at this point. I’m an adult. Treat me like one. Stop with your passive aggressive bullshit. You are not always right, and every inconvenience the universe throws at you is not intended solely to piss you off.

Seriously, god forbid that someone is looking at a section of a store that you want to look at. Clearly patience is not an option and they are standing there to piss you off, not to shop.

Grow up and pull your head out of your ass.

And look, I understand that I’m going to college and I should be home some this summer but, I’M AN ADULT. I don’t need an 11PM curfew just because you don’t want to stay up later to wait for me. I could wake you up when I get home, or, ya know, you could just give me the trust that I’ve earned. NEWSFLASH, I’m not going to text you every time I do something when I’m at school, so get used to it.

And you’re not the only person that I’m leaving on August 24th. Good God, quit acting so annoyed with my boyfriend! I don’t want to feel obligated to be mad at him just because you are for some unknown reason. He’s my boyfriend. I’m allowed to be annoyed with him, not you. Just because you hate your husband doesn’t mean that I hate my future one.

I feel like I’m back to being 12 years old…which would be fine if I were 12. But I’m not, and I wasn’t treated that when bak then so why now? I don’t want to have to actually have a conversation about this because I don’t want bad things. I don’t have anything to lose because I’m practically financially independent with my school being paid for, but I don’t want a huge argument that I’m going to lose anyway and make everything awful and awkward.

I think I was supposed to have this issue like two years ago. Thought I magically bypassed it, but I guess not.