Closing books and long last looks…

The fact that high school is ending hasn’t really hit me yet and I don’t know if it’ll hit me hard at all. Ray was all excited today when he got done with his last exam…but I haven’t really had that feeling. Of course, I’m glad to be done with high school…but it’s not about being done with the work (I know that I have four more long years of that ahead.), it’s about being done with the stupidity of it all. I’m honestly really unimpressed with the majority of people in my high school. I mean of course there are probably about 10 or so people that I like more than half of the time, but I’m not even great friends with about half of those people and I’ll miss even fewer of them…one of them being my chorus teacher. The most important one being Ray…who hopefully I won’t have to miss too much. I hate to sound like a silly stereotypical teenage girl who thinks her high school romance will last forever…but I do think so. And I know that he and I will be pretty much attached at the hips. I know that the most important relationship I have built so far is coming with me, so what do I really have to miss about high school?

I certainly won’t miss all of the ridiculous rules. The last few times I’ve been at school I’ve just been so disgusted with the entire system. I suppose I probably feel like most kids do for the entirety of high school. Now that I am legally an adult, I’m just so fed up with being told what to do. I’ve always found high school annoying, of course, because I’ve never really had the mentality of a high schooler, but at this point I wish some one would try to write me up for not having a pass. Please. Try.

Speaking of being an adult, I start my job at Michael’s tomorrow. I think I count this as my first job since I got it entirely on my own and not with the help of family connections. I’m under the impression that I’m going to be sitting on a computer tomorrow doing the “Michael’s University” training program. (Fun fact: I have to concentrate really hard not to spell Michael’s incorrectly. For some reason I always want to spell it “Micheal’s”.)

This week I only have 14 hours…but hopefully I can get to four days a week and closer to 20 hours. But I am getting paid eight dollars an hour and not minimum wage, so that’s exciting! Let’s see…between now and college, if I worked 20 hours a week, I could make around 1600 dollars this summer. It seems so minuscule when I consider my scholarship money that I’ve received in the past few months. However, I like to think of my scholarship money as payment for going to school for the past four years. Well deserved.

Speaking of being good at school, I seriously need to work on my Valedictorian Speech. I still have a page and a half that I would like to write, and I have no idea what I want to write about. It’s due Friday. Oops. However, it’s getting late. I’m going to Madame Smith’s retirement party at 9:00 in the school I have recently learned to despise, so I suppose I should hit the hay. Perhaps I’ll finish the story I’m on in Tales of the Jazz Age. I didn’t like Gatsby the first time I tried to read it, so I’m trying to ease myself in with some short F. Scott Fitzgerald. We’ll see how it goes when I borrow The Great Gatsby from Ray. Goodnight!!